Load Training

Load training is a truly valuable way to get your horse or pony used to loading and travelling without the pressures or stress of a competition/moving.  

Vicky is very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to teaching your young or tense horses to relax and travel effectively.  We are a big believer in ‘starting right’ and therefore thinking about the long term benefits of any horse.

Whether they’ve had a bad experience in the past or are just starting out as a youngster, we can set a plan that’s right for you and your horse.  

Prices start from £50 and load training can be done using your own transport or our #LittleLorry.  

Please contact us to enquire.

"Thoroughly recommend Vicky to anyone looking for loading training. My little mare is petrified of enclosed spaces so I was ready to celebrate if we got one foot on the ramp. Instead, very calmly and patiently, she was encouraged to load in her first session! I’ve also hired the box for self-drive and the customer service is fab, with a clean tidy box that is easy to drive."
Erin Baldwin
Jan. 2020
"I will always recommend Vicky to anyone that needs lorry hire or loading/travelling help. My mare couldn’t even put a foot on the ramp at the start of the first loading session but within a few weeks she got to the point where I could load her myself and she would travel quietly around the block (she has never been on the lorry without another horse on there first). She is quite bolshy and crafty but Vicky really went above and beyond to get her confidence up without allowing her to mess around. Today we took her out to her first show without company and thanks to Vicky she was an absolute star the whole time, travelling so quietly and loaded perfectly to go home. Thank you Vicky for all your help with loading and today, can’t wait for our next outing."
Freya Lake
Oct. 2019