Our Horseboxes

Our 3.5t horseboxes are newly converted by highly professional and reputable coach-building companies, Hunters Horseboxes & Equi-Sport. 


This means it is modern in styling and meets high safety standards, keeping you and your horses comfortable and safe whilst you travel.


We offer three different styles of horseboxes: long stall stallion boxes, a smaller van and standard boxes with a staggered bulkhead & a travel safe

system fitted. 


Please see our socials for more videos and photos of the horseboxes that we offer.


  • Ability to transport 2 ponies or one horse backwards with a 3.5 tonne limit.
  • Has an adjustable/removable central partition which makes the box suitable for transporting mare with foals at foot.
  • Full crank bulkhead which means the horses are fully enclosed and safe without the risk of them coming over an open breast bar. The full crank also means your items in storage don't get covered in hay as it is completely separate.
  • Has rubber floor matting including the ramp which is lightweight and easily managed by one person.
  • Rear 'Grooms Area' which offers ample storage space with bench seat, 2 saddle racks and a hanging rail. Jockey door leading through to the horses.
  • Additional Luton storage space (Where the spare wheel is also stored).
  • The lorry measures 7ft from breast wall to rear wall and has a 8ft head height so we can carry horses up to 17.2h comfortably.
  • Is well ventilated.
  • Has CCTV both inside, so you can monitor your horses whilst travelling, and behind to help you reverse safely. There is also on board lighting if required.
  • Comfortable cabin area, seating 3 people.
  • Is regularly maintained, serviced, taxed and MOT’d
  • We will clean and disinfect the horsebox for you between each hire.
  • Dashcam fitted
  • Fully fitted with the Equi Travel Safe


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Point2Point Horsebox Hire UK Ltd 

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